NXGen, Inc. a wholly owned operating subsidiary of NXGen Holdings, Inc. (Stock Symbol:NXGH.PK will seek to become a leading provider of tracking systems and integrated asset location services for the public, corporations and governments.

The NXGen Business Solution will seamlessly converge wireless communications (GSM) and the Internet with global positioning (GPS/GPRS) technology enabling end-to-end mobile asset and vehicle location and monitoring solutions.

Forum Investments (FMNLF)
Established in 1995, Forum National Investments Ltd. (Forum Investments) is a publicly traded Merchant Bank (Trading Symbol: FMNLF) with over 69 years of combined investment expertise and an exemplary track record in:

Forum Investments mission is to create an environment and culture that achieves business excellence through its portfolio companies, partners and employees. Forum Investments strives to invest in socially responsible companies that provide goods and consumer services to the public with full disclosure and transparency, while delivering profitability and cultivating shareholder value.

Augrid Global Holding Corp (AGHS)
AuGRID Global Holdings Corporation was founded in August of 1995. It is currently a public company trading on the Pink Sheets under the symbol AGHS.PK. AuGRID Global Holdings Corporation operates as a holding company and the organization promotes professional achievement and assist their subsidiaries in becoming sustainable members of the global business and markets they service.

AuGRID Global Holdings Corporation is a company that seeks to increase its asset base and shareholder value through the acquisition of private companies in diverse industries that have
proven revenue generation abilities, defensible business plans, and a product or service to which its target market has demonstrated receptiveness.