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8/24/07 - NXGEN audio Interview
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NXGen, Inc.
A wholly owned operating subsidiary of NXGen Holdings, Inc. (Stock Symbol:NXGH.PK) will seek to become a leading provider of tracking systems and integrated asset location services for the public, corporations and governments. The NXGen Business Solution will seamlessly converge wireless communications (GSM) and the Internet with global positioning (GPS/GPRS) technology enabling end-to-end mobile asset and vehicle location and monitoring solutions. NXGen will also combine real-time GPS positioning and wireless communications systems delivering precise, time-critical mobile asset status and history information for increased security, greater loss control and telematics services.

Telematics, (Vehicle Location Technology), once only found in luxury automobiles and large trucking fleets is today taking aim at broad consumer automotive markets. Telematics combines wireless voice and data services with Global Positioning System (GPS) technology to provide specific location services like vehicle navigation, tracking, and emergency services.

NXGen will offer consumers affordable personalized vehicle tracking solutions using state of the art communications and wireless technology. The NXGen product line will be appealing to consumers by providing hardware and vehicle or asset recovery services via the Internet for a monthly subscriber fee.

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