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13040 No 2 Road, Suite 180A
Richmond, British Columbia Canada, V7E 2G1
Phone: (604) 275-2170
Fax: (604) 275-8745

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8/24/07 - FMNLF, Audio Interview
w/ Dan Clozza, CEO

Established in 1995, Forum National Investments Ltd. (Forum Investments) is a publicly traded Merchant Bank (Trading Symbol: FMNLF) with over 69 years of combined investment expertise and an exemplary track record in:

  • Capital preservation
  • Identify emerging business opportunities
  • Successful partnership structuring
  • Strategic planning and operational execution
  • Investor relations
  • Maximizing shareholder value

Forum Investments mission is to create an environment and culture that achieves business excellence through its portfolio companies, partners and employees. Forum Investments strives to invest in socially responsible companies that provide goods and consumer services to the public with full disclosure and transparency, while delivering profitability and cultivating shareholder value.

Investment Portfolio
Financial Services:

American Life Settlement Society

The life insurance industry is a several trillion dollar industry and the Life Settlement market is projected to be a $160 billion segment within the next few years. Due to the senior and the baby boomer market being the fastest growing segment of the population, ten's of billions of dollars in policies are rolling into the Life Settlement policy industry annually. Expected growth of the Life Settlement market will parallel the aging population boom.

Travel Services:

Spirit of 2010 Luxury Yacht

The Spirit of 2010 is a 120 tri-level luxury yacht that will be moored in Vancouver, British Columbia. It will be the premium charter yacht for high-end travel in the Pacific Northwest. Consisting of 6 cabins, it will accommodate 12 guests overnight and 60 people during the day. Charter rates start at $72,000 per week.

Snowbird & Fitness Vacations

Snowbird Vacation Membership is in high demand. Costs for membership are a one time initiation fee of a few thousand dollars and a monthly membership fee of $29. Thousands of consumers across Canada have signed up to become members through Snowbird Vacation sales offices across Western Canada. Snowbird membership sales have a gross profit margin above 90% as there are no hard costs.

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