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ATG Capital Solutions provides investor relations and other support services to publicly traded companies with an emphasis on micro and small cap companies. In addition ATG Capital Solutions can provide consulting services to private companies ready to take the step to becoming publicly traded.

ATG Capital, a proven corporate investor relations and public relations firm has clients nationwide and abroad. ATG Capital is known for its ability to help companies build a solid following among all sectors of investors. ATG Capital utilizes many forms of media to communicate with investors to help inform the investing community of the opportunities available.

ATG Capital Solutions understand and values it’s relationships with its clients, and investors it serves.


Stock Symbol: NXHD

Stock Symbol: FRHV
Latitude Powerboat
Stock Symbol: LTDI

Ganas Corp
Stock Symbol: GNAS

Turbine Truck Engine
Stock Symbol: TTEG

Ronn Motor Company
Stock Symbol: RNNM

Rival Technologies
Stock Symbol: RVTI